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A Brief History of the Trust Fund

The VRA Resettlement Trust Fund was set up by a Trust Deed promulgated on 22nd July 1996, the main principals being the Volta River Authority and the then Ministry of Mines and Energy.
The VRA Resettlement Trust Fund drew up its first ever Strategic Plan (SP) for the period 2012 – 2016 to replace the Annual Budgetary Planning regime that had previously existed. The SP elapsed in 2016 and, as a result, there is the need to prepare a new document to capture the current needs of the 52 resettlement communities and the business processes of the Trust Fund. The final output is intended to meet internal capabilities and cohesion of the Trust Fund in the satisfaction of the needs and aspirations of our clients (52 Communities).

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VRA Trust Fund founded

The VRA Resettlement Trust Fund was set up by a Trust Deed promulgated on 22nd July 1996


Community Relations Unit Established

In addition to this fund, VRA has devoted extra resources to its CSR programme intended at improving standards of living through the provision of employability and entrepreneurial skills set to persons within the impacted communities. Thus, the Community Relations Unit was established in 2003 to endear a stable relationship with communities affected by the Authority’s operations and provide solutions to problems that were not catered for under the Resettlement Trust Fund.


Community Development Programme (CDP) Launched

In 2012, VRA launched a CSR programme called the Community Development Programme (CDP) in communities impacted by its operations. The CDP represents a common ground for cooperation and partnership between VRA and the communities on the identification and provision of solutions to critical areas that stimulate economic and human capital development. The programme is also aimed at the development and implementation of social and economic activities in all communities and the transformation of these communities into 'opportunity communities'.

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